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Personally I like the CIN2 brand because they offer very comfortable designs in variations of - either basic or funky. My friend, who's a gay man and designer of swimwear and underwear for men seems to be doing quite well with his European Style designs. Answered Jul 1, Silk boxers have a, uh, unique feel to them. Star Boy Swimwear He can make his designs as swim wear or underwear.

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Designer Andrew Christian on Gays' Underwear Obsession

Saxx long leg, Pro Elite 2. When there are choices, he will choose whatever suits him. I hate these kinds of questions. Should men always wear underwear? I am quite picky about the underwear that I choose, But like Dan Holliday said, I think that it has nothing to do with being gay. What are the types of underwear?

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But, I don't think most could do it They are engineered to —erm— ensure that the giblets are kept in their appropriate location from the moment they go on to the moment they end. I guess I don't really have a good answer to your question as to what underwear do gay men prefer. Low income housinggovernment assisted. Did you learn to be ingenious? It fits like a dream and naturally follows the contours of your body, creating a feeling of almost wearing nothing without having to worry about your Johonson crawling down your leg at inopportune times. What type of men do feminine gay men prefer?

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