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The image was first posted on Reddit Monday night by user Ghosx9 and then picked up by the Consumerist. The very effeminate "Yessssss" he seems to always use. Looks like De Blasio may make a run now. The Sailor Starlights were dudes when in civilian form, and changed into women when they sailor-morphed. Thank God the Japanese aren't afraid to get a little gay with their cartoons.

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President Obama asked Americans to do some "soul searching.

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90's Cartoon Characters You Didn't Know Were Gay

Reminds me of the Penny Arcade classic. The governor of Maryland has declared a state of emergency in Baltimore and issues a curfew in response to the riots. I think this is insufficient - and we can do better as a Nation. I'm in the fucking ZONE!!!!!!! Slapping with Yasser by Mark Steyn.

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Look who used them besides Ronald Reagan! As a robot, Megatron is technically asexual, although the many gay elements attached to his character make him a prime example of the 'evil gay villain' that occurs in a lot of animation. Beautiful Bean Footage 4. No one lacks educational opportunities. We went to a university dive where she proceeded to get wasted. Groundbreaking and ludicrous at the same time, gotta love it. It's actually even more of a no-brainer business-wise than McDonalds stopping cooking their fries in beef tallow to cater to vegetarians.

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