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He takes your outstretched hand in his, fingers bony and grip tight. Eyes close as you take a deep breath. JavaScript is required to view this site. Aladdin flags whenever Iago or Genie are offscreen, because, as is generally the case with Disney movies, the leads are bland and generic. Gilbert Gottfried as Iago, the pet parrot of villain Jafar.

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Vaguely, you recall fairy tales from forever ago.

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Those are some very big, very pointy shoes to fill, obviously. Filter by post type All posts. You are not someone of great importance or notoriety. Something about expecting loyalty and servitude under threat. As of last month, Will Smith is reportedly in talks to play Genie, although Kevin Hart may be in contention as well. I can open you eyes Take you wonder by wonder. Powers of your own?

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Doom Patrol Early Reviews: You are not someone of great importance or notoriety. All Upcoming Disney Movies: Log in Sign up. I hope the magical-empowered genie version of him from the second movie is cool with you because it just has so much potential. He snarls again, closing in with his arms outstretched like he means to wring your neck, but he stops just short of touching you.

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