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Lets look at this list of how they want to achieve feminine beauty in high fashion. Would the world not be a better place if we dispensed with all unnecessary clothing, altogether? It used to be the dress fits the woman, but the fashion industry and its sizing system meant the woman must fit the dress instead. Don is a well-adjusted family man, excited to host his annual spring barbecue and to grill brats for the entire neighborhood. And if you follow some of the other links there, you'll see the myth that gay men are by nature generally very feminine perpetuated.

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Gist of the article? Like if they designers were straight, the models would be more full-figured? I spend maybe ten dollars a year on clothing and I do just fine. Share your thoughts with other customers. I agree, homsexuality has nothing to do with making clothes for rich, skinny women. The fashion industry thrives on people's insecurities.

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The skinny ideal that has hurt many womens' body image, has been an issue since the fashion industry emerged. What if they're actually better than straight men at fashion? Then there's the fact that some runway models were actually hyper androgynous men. English Choose a language for shopping. I guess clothes are always going to be a YMMV subject, and if some people choose to drive a Trabant to get that mileage, by gosh, that is their God-given right. Posted September 11,