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Happy followers Yamcha x Goku x Vegeta. Goku and Vegeta showing their abs. Like this - Goku Blue Hair. There are used as identifiers. You're on the Naughty List.

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In an effort to cover up their gay bromance, Zoisite was given a female voice actor in the American dub.

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90's Cartoon Characters You Didn't Know Were Gay

The original Japanese version made no attempts at hiding their love, while the American dub listed the two as cousins, thus explaining their intense intimacy Kakavege Week - Day 2 Uke Vegeta 2. Vegeta and Goku swap clothes. The very effeminate "Yessssss" he seems to always use. Spanking Comic Panel 3.

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General Blue's uniform resembles an S. Okay, so this one is actually just personal speculation and not from the fandom or creators, but let me build my case before you start ranting. Okay, so niether of these Dragon Ball characters have been officially stated as gay, but fans have always speculated they were, with evidence to back it up. They do not contain any personal information. The 90's were a magical time for children's animation. Can't forget to also point out that Sailor Moon also featured transexual characters in its final season. It'd be more of a stretch to say Zarbon is straight.

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