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Different pride, different experience Adam Murphy October 23, Has potential to be a hot site. The community was engaged as a family acting together and supporting one another. The toilet paper dispenser comes out. The general public, young and old, mall employees and some college guys. Students, faculty and staff.

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There are peep holes in between the stalls.

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Community members gather for Bowling Green Pride Festival

These festival-goers initially drowned out the protestors with bullhorns and sirens and eventually amplified music from a DJ station nearby. Barbara Powell barbara. Bowling Green is, after all, a much smaller town with a smaller queer community. Long hallway allows recovery time. Click here to view our Faces of BG Pride gallery. I came out when I was in the seventh grade.

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The general public, young and old, mall employees and some college guys. Guys seem to cruise here twenty four hours a day. This park is located on the highest hill in town. The festivities began with concerts by several local and touring bands, Paisley Fields, Sugadaisy, and Solar Disco Force. I have participated in various pride events over the past three years. Many of those in attendance dressed in costume and carried rainbow pride flags to show support for the lesbian, bisexual, gay, transsexual, and queer communities. Bowling GreenUnited States.

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