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Noah blames Luke for this for a time, but the couple eventually reunite after Cyndi Lauperin town on the True Colors Tourdedicates a set to Luke. This increases the amount of hate targeted at Luke, who is finally the victim in a hit and run. It's not necessary to the storyline itself. Man with gun threatens transgender women near Casa Ruby. Luke's first crush for Kevin Davis ended badly when he " came out " to Kevin and was fiercely rejected, and Noah is involved with co-worker Maddie Coleman. We're telling a story that has really engaged our audience. During the drive, they "blitzed" reporters with long, heartfelt statements about their feelings for the pairing.

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One viewer along with Newcomb were more bothered by other things they had seen on the soap opera.

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In fact, Noah thinks jealously that Luke is pursuing his girlfriend until Luke reveals first his sexual orientation and then his attraction to Noah. The relationship is not completely smooth, as Noah is still struggling somewhat with his own homosexuality, not able to express his feelings as freely as Luke. It's not necessary to the storyline itself. The Colonel is determined to get Ameera back under his control and tricks the young men with some fake police officers, but Luke calls upon his grandmother Lucinda, who brings real police to protect them.

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Zamora, 22, tragically passed away just a few hours after the season finale aired.

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