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To join us or receive e-mails about our activities, please use the connect button below. Also, why don't you ever respond to my applications? Duplicate or significantly similar comments on multiple posts may also be seen as violating this No SPAM rule. Popular online "missed connections" or whatever the fuck its called Listings will be added to our website Business Guide page as soon thereafter as possible, usually within a few days of receipt. Hell, you can tie up his phone and email addresses so much that he has to replace them, lol

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Submit a new shit post.

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We will build your listing from the information and artwork you provide. It would just take some lines of code and you would have to send me the links you'd want spammed. Occasionally not more than 12 times a year we send email messages about new trips and special offers; if you prefer not to get such email, please check below. Bonus points for using glitter. I know, just after working contract with the DoD I have found that even the most pedestrian shit is watched.

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And all of our members want to be certain that the businesses and professional services they hire are safe and welcoming. I also highly suspect he's moved out of his apartment, which boils my blood, but we're going to be in the neighborhood tonight to visit another friend, so I'm going to check. Are you hoping to overwhelm him with junk mail in such a ways as to make him go insane and therefore his SO will break up with him?? Find us on facebook. This also puts you on our mailing list to stay informed of future trips, unless you request otherwise.

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