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When he died inhis business was the oldest in town, and his fellow merchants marched down Main Street in his memory. The Indiana governor has managed to step on an impressive number of parts of his own anatomy recently and in the process gravely injured what was already a long-shot ambition to run for president in But moments before the interview was scheduled to start, we got word of some vague but terrible tragedy. George successfully played the role of White House communications director. In an outsider's year, the majority leader was Mr. He too was working on disarmament, but in his own peculiar way.

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For a day, I was a star.

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George Stephanopoulos Bio

What does she think of all this? He is always pushing like the next interview or second TV "hit" is going to be his first and only shot at success. He makes sure that their channel misses no breaking news. George is, perhaps as much as anyone has ever been, a mediaist. Also know more about the early life, career, net worth, relationships, and controversies of other journalists like Mary BruceSharyn AlfonsiDan RatherLinsey Davisand Jason Carroll.

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In return, I would get to be part of something bigger than I ever imagined. To report problems, broken links, or comment on the website, please contact support. All we Democrats could do was play defense, defining ourselves more by what we could prevent than by anything we hoped to create. The events of the last year have changed the shape of the story I set out to write. After placing a pebble of incense on the charcoal in its gold bowl, I got to walk backward, waving the perfumed smoke in my father's path as he carried the bread and wine around the altar. I rushed into work that morning to write a speech for Feighan lambasting the president. I'd offer him a sandwich, and we'd chat uncomfortably until I could find a reason to excuse myself and usher him out the door.

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