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Sep Issue a commemorative postage stamp of Rosa Parks. Candidates Organized by candidate. The subject of his ire? Recent Most recent quotations. Sep Voted YES on continuing intelligence gathering without civil oversight. Expand ObamaCare -5 points on Economic scale. That might not be enough to save her job.

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Voted YES on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines.

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Strongly Favors topic 1 NO on restricting interstate transport of minors to get abortions: Nov Retire half the public debt by Favors topic 18 YES on tax incentives for energy production and conservation: Strongly Favors topic 5: Feb Voted YES on investing in homegrown biofuel. Sep Voted YES on defining "energy emergency" on federal gas prices. Traditionally, Fanshawe is right.

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Candidates Organized by candidate. Orange-clad pheasant hunters roaming the corn stubble may notice her endorsement by the National Rifle Association. Voted YES on more funding for Mexico to fight drugs. Apr Voted YES on federalizing rules for driver licenses to hinder terrorists. Indeed, as one Gaydar Radio listener wrote during the survey, "With the Partnership Register gay people have equal rights these days, there's no more Section 28, so I don't feel that I have to vote for the most gay-friendly party.

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