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Selection of Black respondents Black respondents were selected based on their views about a the possible genetic basis for perceived differences between men and women in violence and intelligence, and b the possible genetic differences between Whites and Blacks in athleticism, violence and intelligence. An uneasy relationship: View all the latest top news in the environmental sciences, or browse the topics below:. As several respondents concluded: Read more:

is being gay a birth defect
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Understanding women's sexualities and sexual orientations:

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They worry more about this than the consequences of choice or environmental explanations, which are not without risk either. Increasing family blame was another category of answers 7 responses:. Such examples appeared at various points in the interviews as respondents sifted through their ideas and tried to explain their reasoning. These findings are consistent with research concerning the public's limited understanding of genetic science Lanie et al.

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Other biological influences Other biological explanations besides genetics were given for the origin of homosexuality 10 responses.

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