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By continuing to navigate, we understand that you accept its use. God Hates Figs Protest Collection. Latin Americahave their origin in the attribution of many negative features to gays, so that using the expression Checca could to extend the negative characteristics of some women to all homosexual men. The origin of the slang meaning is not known with certainty, and the variety of meanings besides name of the fish, do not make easy to determine the reason. Retrieved 7 January Incidentally, this excerpt shows how even an apparently faithful adaptation ignores culture specific nuances.

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Tapette is the slang word used in France to describe a woman who talks a lot, and tape is cap in French.

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Gay Dictionary: Italian

According to Hayes, homosexuals use gayspeak in three situations: Neapolitan obsolete term to appoint bottom homosexuals. Something like doing a mecanical caterpillar or Dada eroticism with steel and winches A Dictionary of Slang and Unconventional English. Dubbing and redubbing by C.

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It is a way to render mockingly gentler and more refined this English taboo word whose impact is always quite strong. The series centres on the life of a family of undertakers, the Fisher family, and on the complex relationships between Ruth, the mother, who in the first episode becomes the widow of Nathaniel senior, and her three children: For example, after the curate complained about the frequency of blasphemous profanity in the parish recreation centre, the comune of Brignano Gera d'Adda banned the practice in the civic centre and in all places of retail business, be it public or private. What with the problems I have mentioned and the corpses that the Fishers daily have to sew up and make up in order to make them presentable at open casket funeral viewings, there was more than sufficient material to concern the people responsible for the Italian version of this TV programme. Funny Collection Flip over. Directed by David Kohan and Max Mutchnick.

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