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In the late s and early s, several drag kings became British music hall stars, British pantomime has preserved the tradition of women performing in male roles. Sexual Deviance: Pansy Craze. Louis Post-Dispatch. S, it is renowned for its signature category—Showgirl Costume—a showcase for lavish and elaborate Las Vegas—style costumes and headdresses. Aside from the prestige of holding a national title, MGA afforded its winner guaranteed show bookings at every state preliminary held during the title year; thus, the MGA crown turned what was often local, part-time work into a full-time job. Culture, Society Culture.

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According to Marina Warnerthe sworn virgin's "true sex will never again, on pain of death, be alluded to either in her presence or out of it.

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Drag pageants evolved independently, in the decade subsequent to the first gay Mardi Gras coronations. The famous castrato Farinelli caricatured in one of his female roles. February

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Miss Tourism Metropolitan.

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