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Inthe FBI began recording hate crimes motivated by gender and gender identification biases -- for example, attacks on transgender people. Gay rights groups organized around Shepard's death and the public began talking about hate crime legislation. Areas with histories of racial tensions like Mobile, Alabama, and the entire state of Mississippi reported no hate crimes foraccording to the FBI. In this case, the crime would have been recorded as an anti-Sikh crime. General hate groups include groups whose biases aren't specified and groups with multiple biases, such as both anti-black and anti-gay. Stacy adds that jurisdictions don't admit hate crimes, which may be why the FBI numbers seem to be severely understated. Responses from the sample of people who took the survey were then weighted to represent the total population of the US.

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To track attacks such as these, the FBI now collects voluntary reports of hate crimes from local jurisdictions across the country.

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The truth behind America’s most famous gay-hate murder

It is surrounded by rolling prairie, ranches, the Snowy Mountain range and vast, wide-open spaces. After calculating the survey responses, the bureau estimated thathate crimes occurred in But the Matthew Shepard story is not yet finished. Such thinking stems from fear-based, orthodox thinking. One man, Michael Griffith, 23, was killed by oncoming traffic. Fifteen hours after the attack, student Aaron Kreifels was out riding his bike when he discovered Matthew tied to the fence, barely alive. Though the number of race-biased hate crimes has decreased over many years, tensions between races were still strained in the years following Obama's election.

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With the ranching industry in decline, employment here is dominated by the University of Wyoming. The center suggests that President-elect Donald Trump may have influenced the uptick in hate crimes. He even asked where all the women were. Soon after McKinney hit one of them, Emiliano Morales, on the head with the same gun he'd used to beat Shepard, police officer Flint Waters arrived on the scene and arrested them. Jimenez found through his reporting that McKinney had been Shepard's lover. He suffered periods of depression, possibly as a result of being gang raped a few years earlier while on holiday in Morocco.

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