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Here are some of the major areas of study on this issue: These populations also are often combined in some way for research purposes. Click to Call Who Answers? Future trends in practice with LGBT parents will be most affected not only by the increasing numbers of LGBT couples who chose parenting, but also by the heightened self-awareness and development of LGBT-affirming practice approaches of social workers who work with these parents. Donaldson Adoption Institute.

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However, there is also a pressing need for a better demographic understanding of the subpopulations that make up the LGBT community as a whole.

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Such activities may include advocating on the local, state, or federal levels for changes in fiscal allocations and services, speaking with legislators or bureaucrats, gathering data for policy analyses and performing such analyses, or helping a person navigate the complex delivery system. Although a modest body of knowledge on LGBT health has been developed, these populations, stigmatized as sexual and gender minorities, have been the subject of relatively little health research. The Y chromosome is passed from the father to the son and it is this Y chromosome that determined the sex of the baby. Intervention Research Research is needed to develop and test the effectiveness of interventions designed to address health inequities experienced by LGBT populations.

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Research based on smaller convenience samples suggests that elevated rates of suicidal ideation and attempts as well as depression exist among transgender adults; however, little research has examined the prevalence of mood and anxiety disorders in this population.

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