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Low SD describes them as weak, blaming, impulsive, unreliable, and poorly integrated when they are not conforming to the direction of a mature leader [ 26 ]. Anorexia can spring from those roots. This is my life to live, and I choose to do it as a loving human being. The homosexual subjects were also asked to declare their sexual orientation choosing the definition of purely homosexual or bisexual orientation. But no one seems to care. Test-retest correlations range from 0. Hence, many studies have been performed on the female ED population while our knowledge about men with AN is still incomplete [ 3 ].

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The relationship between anorexia nervosa in males and homosexuality is debated.

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"Male, 40 years old, and anorexic"

The cycle of treatment, gender identity issues, and relapse ultimately put a strain on Megan's life and nine-year relationship. In particular the Cronbach Alphas of the major dimensions range from 0. Researchers suggested that gay men experienced eating disorders at a higher rate than heterosexual males because of the value system within the gay community. Because of these qualities it may be easier for men to compare themselves with each other, and base their own value upon how they fare in that comparison. Mkhize agreed with this theory. In the first analysis, all groups were included in the statistical elaboration; in the second analysis the men with AN were considered as ungrouped cases and were assigned to either of the control groups on the basis of their personality traits. Persistence expresses maintenance of a behavior as resistance to frustration and is related to glutamate activity.

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A higher rate of Eating Disorders EDs was found in homosexual than in heterosexual men population. Finally, the voluntary basis of the recruitment for homosexual controls could have biased the TCI profile of this group. Concerning the homosexual subjects, the conditions for cooperating with the research were that no face-to-face interview would have been administered to preserve complete blindness also for the researchers about their personal identity, and that no psychopathology questionnaire would have been administered to avoid any possibility of stigmatization of homosexual gender. For example, a man interviewed for US News and World Report suggests that his anorexia gave him a sense of power, in the midst of a life that felt very hard to control. Gay and bi men are up to 12 times more likely to purge than straight guys.

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