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It's a transformative experience that may test your gay sensibility, but also opens a whole new beautiful world. Show Comments. This Father's Day, the family plan to do what they usually do: The dads-to-be envision future Father's Days spent together, taking time to reflect on the "good times and love shared" as a family. I try every day to provide the structure, security and safety my kids need, but also room to grow and to express themselves. My vacation schedule typically looks like my kid's school schedule.

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I enjoy hearing from other families too and seeing photos from around the world.

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The last guy I dated was a lot younger and in terrific shape; we met at a bar. The two men met via Facebook. He laughs at that suggestion.

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To find out, we spoke with seven gay dad families, each with a different number of Fathers' Days under the belt from their first to their 30th!

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