Gay development

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Begin some selective disclosures of sexual identity. Few youths transited from a lesbian, bisexual, or unlabeled identity to a straight identity. Finally, youths were asked about the age when they first engaged in any one of a several specific sexual activities i. Individual differences in the coming out process for gay men: Lesbian, gay, and bisexual identities and youth: Another indicator of the fluidity hypothesis would be a higher prevalence of bisexuality among female than male youths.

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Comparisons among the three GLB sexual identity groups, using ANOVA for continuous variables or chi-square analyses for categorical variables, on sexual orientation, sexual behavior, and aspects of the identity integration process are presented in Table 5.

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Cass identity model

In addition, studies have found some gender differences in the average age and order of various sexual developmental milestones e. A theory of cognitive dissonance. Journal of Research on Adolescence. Brazil, Peru, the Phillippines, and the United States. The Cass identity model is one of the fundamental theories of gay and lesbian identity development, developed in by Vivienne Cass.

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Harmon-Jones E, Mills J, editors. Examining differences in sexual expression and coming out between lesbians and gay men. The Journal of Sex Research. May be permitted to keep some "heterosexual" identity as "not an all or none" issue. Ethnic and racial similarity in developmental process. Comparisons of the identity groups on gender, ethnicity, SES, age, and social desirability were conducted in the same manner.

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