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Jaume and I descended first to resume our places with the paddles. Then she cheated on me and fucked him a few times behind my back. Cliff noticed me peeking at his cock and would give me mean looks. Jaume and I have been together nearly two years, during which time we've tried a number of different relationship options, from complete monogamy to a period when we were hardly having sex with each other we were slutting around so much. One of the men, blond and shirtless, was leaning over the side and hailing us.

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And then I closed my eyes and stopped worrying and let myself enjoy the slippery magic of his tongue on my cock.

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I made a sort of grunt into Jaume's throat with each spasm that went through my cock, and even with my eyes closed in ecstasy I could tell that Jaume had quickened the pace of his hand's motion. I wrote this story about some very memorable firsts in my life. It's a strange feeling, because it's not as wonderful as having a pair of lips clamped tightly around the shaft of your cock, but sharing something so intimate with my lover made the experience even more intense. I should have closed the door and watched the video like I usually did, but something made me wait. It didn't really matter.

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Chance does have one big surprise though I looked up again at the men around us as the blond jerked on my dick, but it was as if time had stopped as far as they were concerned, for all the life they showed. I wrote this story about some very memorable firsts in my life. Share a Link copy. He seemed apprehensive, but who wouldn't in his position. It's always hard to go without sex for too long, but when I get really horny, I'll find cock no matter what

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