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The extensive reliance of male prostitution on the internet demonstrates the central role of adaptability within this community. The following chapter will elaborate on the process of notifying the police of forced male prosecution. It is very easy to get a paydate through one of these websites. The police has limited resources to find illegal brothels, since they are not legally permitted to infiltrate these places. Kooistra is the former director of Rode Draad, an organization for sex workers in Amsterdam. While this law is helpful for victims of these crimes, it often prevents the police from having enough time to gather sufficient evidence and build a thorough case against the perpetrator, who will consequently face less charges and be able to commence his activities once more. They simply lack the resources to more deeply investigate the true extent of these brothels.

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It also increases access for those wishing to become male sex workers without the help of a pimp, escort service, club, or brothel.

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The term "paydate" also indicates the voluntary — and perhaps more pleasurable — characteristic of these meetings. Men who offer their services through gay websites on the internet form the second group. In the case of minors, the social workers have a legal obligation to report the suspicion of abuse. The reason for prostituting himself was that he could use the money, and he also found it pleasurable. Kooistra predicts that the internet will continue to take over the prostitution business, rendering the traditional brothel, and even the infamous windows, obsolete in he Netherlands. The methods of coercion used by the brothel owners include seizing passports or threatening to expose the men their families.

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In this brothel, which was located in the house of the suspect, between 10 and 20 young men of Eastern European and South American origin were found. The ease of access and anonymity in the world of prostitution further encourages such a fluid identity on the part of the male prostitute. The police have limited resources to find brothels without permits. This makes male trafficking into prostitution a lucrative business. Physical locations like clubs, brothels, escort services, and parks still facilitate a significant portion of the meetings.

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