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Since here stated his first time in the open For Weed it was like something out of a nightmare as he got a drink of hot male pre down his throat. Gay ginga densetsu weed yiff. That dumb look on your face is distracting. And Hehe Thanks for pointing out the mistake it is now corrected: Around them many other dogs were going crazy at what they were seeing and smelling. By the side Gin was watching with an unsure eye as he didn't know what exactly he should do to try to stem the tide that was looming over Weed like a curse.

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Weed shivered as he looked at the dozens of eyes that were glaring at him.

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Gay ginga densetsu weed yiff

Open your eyes and look down. Marching over triumphantly towards those under his command, the spotted canine dropped the weakened Akita onto the frozen ground and then placed one large paw over the smaller blue gray colored body to hold Weed down. Sun raised up into the sky and the morning dew fading away Gin was left to look over some twenty to thirty odd canines that were under his command sleeping on the ground. Stomach bloated and sloshing the younger pup stayed directly in place and he was emptied into again, not moving or saying or word Grunting and puffing Gin became almost wolf-like as he mated with Weed with an intensity he didn't think he possessed.

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Considering the females that you could have gotten for us in the beginning then you are the one responsible for sating the needs of the pack. Gagging and chocking the pup tried to get away from the deluge but ended up just getting his midsection and body wetter when he stumbled. Tail up, head pointed forward and looking into Ben's face Akame grunted and began to move his hips fast and furiously as he tapped his nuts against the underside of the younger dog's ass. His belly full and sloshing, his nose full and breathing was a little hard on him but that all was nothing compared to the crater his tailhole had become as he was left with an open back door that looked as if it were a pink well rather than an anus. The feel of his cock spearing the inside of his son and getting up so far that it felt like he was almost going completely through the other made Gin grumble in pleasure but it was the knowing of what he was doing that actually made him sneer in sexual delight. Only the soft crunch of padded feet walking over the snow made the Akita turn his head just in time to see his enemy looming above him. Falling onto shaky legs in the dense snow covered field of white, Weed looked upon the pro

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