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Serving up goth realness recently. Oh and for those Internet people that are going to say I'm writing this because I'm angry about the personal situation he had with a family member of mine, yea, a little, but it doesn't make a word of what I'm saying untrue. While both Pitt and the producers wanted the James Dermody character to remain in the story line, they felt it best not to continue as the disagreements were affecting production too negatively. He had been kind of homeless for a while and he was staying in this giant suite, and I went in and we talked and I did this scene, and he said, "That's good, but you should do it angrier," and so I did, but he said, again, "That's good, but I think a bit more angry," so I did it again even angrier and asked, "So is that good? But I think what they're really getting paid for is not the work but all the other stuff. Michael Carmen Pitt born April 10, is an American actor, model and musician. The first time I saw him was on Dawson's Creek.

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My top 30 sexiest actors.

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Heading out Michael DeMaio woul've had a nice exotic ring to it. Some of the Hannibal crew appear to be at a con, and the guy who replaced Michael as Mason actually had dinner with Michael once. Anyone know the hot guy on the right?

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Happy birthday, Michael!

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