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Most of the time, we were happiest with the more traditional threesome, and our taste was similar enough that we didn't have too many disagreements--at least among ourselves. One of the kayak crewmen came jogging over and yelled at us for coming this close to the beach. The other half, including most of the owners of the gay businesses, decided to hold a more festive event on Sunday, July 4th, to try to get a better turnout. The scores were supposed to be secret, but for a package of cigarettes Tiny told him he had flunked out with Even the blond in the orange bathing suit was silent, although he watched my hand as it moved, looking up every now and then to meet my stare and then letting his gaze drop once more.

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Finally, he moved closer to us and dropped to his knees before Jaume.

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Next to the death house, this is the best place for seeing it. Jaume, looking over his shoulder at me, glanced down into my lap and smiled, his silent agreement to what I'd proposed, then looked up at the guy on the deck as we waited for an answer. As I looked at Jaume's muscular thighs I imagined him as the famed Colossos of Rhodes straddling the strait. What a sight it must have been to sail between those massive thighs and gaze upwards! One of the men, blond and shirtless, was leaning over the side and hailing us. Since both Jaume and I have active libidos, we're usually up for anything attractive the other proposes. But I've always been cautious:

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We pushed off, Jaume and I, paddling back out among the higher waves and the ghostly jellyfish. I still felt some jealousy, but at the same time I felt Jaume was including me in his pleasure and vice versa. He tugged our cocks until we were standing close to one another, then put both of us in his mouth at once. A boy clad in a blue shirt leaped from the wagon and attempted to drag after him one of the maidens, who screamed and protested shrilly. Age advances, but the heart remains young. And then I closed my eyes and stopped worrying and let myself enjoy the slippery magic of his tongue on my cock.

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