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It makes me think that because I couldn't find anything except suggestions for therapy for gay people that it is a pretty conservative city; but that doesn't mean it isn't at least gay friendly. I'm more interested if this city is a tolerant place more than specifically "gay" friendly. We found it very easy to access everything we wanted to do. Similar Threads Eburg vs Wenatchee!! So there is some support. We would have stayed in Wenatchee, but kids and grandkids were all in Portland. I think Wenatchee is gay friendly, I moved here from San Diego 3 years ago and never had a bad experience at work or anywhere in town.

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Wenatchee is the agricultural hub in the state so it leans to the right and in elections they voted Republican. Having been born in raised in Wenatchee, I find I surprise people when I say that it's more progressive than you would think. View detailed profiles of: That's not to say its perfection but I'm fairly sure that a gay couple could easily fit into town as long as they follow the rules that every other couple follows about PDAs, etc. As for living the retired life, utilities are some of the lowest in the country.

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As Jane mentioned, if you are considering Wenatchee for retirement, I would be much more worried about the ridiculously high real estate prices than I would any anti-gay sentiment. Is there still anyone out there from Wenatchee who I can have a dialog about what it's like to live there User-defined colors Preset color patterns. The live and let live attitude mentioned above is the norm, not the exception so I wouldn't worry much. I have gay friends visiting all the time and we always have a good time when we go out for drinks, skiing or eating in a local restaurant.

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