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Looking back, I guess you rarely saw guys on TV or in magazines who had obviously hairy backs. I beg to differ. This was the early s, when heartthrobs like Justin Timberlake and Nick Lachey graced the covers of tabloids with their cherubic faces, six-packs, and hairless bodies. Why were the young girls in tap class repulsed by it, the young boys at summer camp fascinated by it, and why did the horny old men in the New York Sports Club steam room fetishize it? Show 25 25 50 All. I chalk it up to my lineage: All the same, I was unsurprised that there are plenty of women who tolerate back hair on the man they love, but surprised not to find anyone who thought it was sexy.

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I suppose it was inevitable.

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Does anyone love a hairy back?

And once you start, then where do you stop? And with adolescence came armpit hair. But back hair is what the 10s kids are doing. I was doomed to have hair sprouting out of my body like weeds in a field. Loading comments… Trouble loading? I see soft brown hair that is not for shaving, but for stroking, fondling, and loving.

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By the age of 15 I was fully equipped with a cracking chin strap, which came in handy for getting past bouncers on nights out with my sister or some of my older friends. Ever since adolescence, my legs, hands, toes, armpits, and butt have been adorned by a layer of thick dark brown fur. I love my hairy back so much now, I get protective over how far down my neck I let my barber shave. Having missed my flight, I booked a later one and arrived on the island 12 hours after my boyfriend. The cloud of blond pubic hair hovered above the shallow layer of bathwater, and I would gaze at it, marveling at the fact that the inner workings of my body were a mystery even to myself.

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