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One such character is Cagliostro, the alchemist. Strange Mansion features a Stalker with a Crush who moves into the title apartment to be near her bishounen classmate. As the trope description above suggests, one could write an entire book just attempting to accurately define even one of these terms. A Superhero Fantasy has to do with a trans female superheroine named Glimmer Girl. Characters hallucinating white crocodiles whenever they are in a state of mental shock.

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Aside from this relatively realistic instance, a major part of the series that transgender mutants with the Exemplar trait such as Chaka will almost always get the Gender Bender change they want due to the power's 'ideal self' aspects.

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Her gender and expression isn't a plot point. The A. The reason she's so fascinated by ninja is that apparently her family lineage can be traced to Iga, a center for ninja activity.

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Mollymauk of Critical Role usually uses male pronouns, but Word of God has stated they are genderfluid.

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