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They want to appeal to the widest fan base possible and to do so, no one can be offended by anything. A snap general election now would see Theresa May tighten her grip on power despite the Brexit chaos while I'm there for the cooking, not the accents or wondering who's gay or bi or whatever. After a vitriolic Twitter backlash, the photo was deleted. Unless yoiu know Bobby Deen personally, I believe that you shouldn't speak for him. Whether or not he's gay, those facts won't change and they are what's most important.

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Is is possible the story is really the other way around?

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Paula Deen feels like 'that black,' gay football player

Bobby's girlfriend was on Paula's show. Really buff attractive gay men that most people don't know are gay. Combine mayonnaise and rosemary in a small bowl until blended. Form 3 hamburger patties. Place mushrooms, rounded side down, on grill rack and grill until tender. How does Paula and her familys lives and sexual preference affect u at all other than to take ur minds off of ur own pathetic excuses for lives? I guess he is not gay.

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Not sure if that was true or not. It could just be a case where someone hasn't given a photo release to Food Network. I'm fighting to get my name back. Sorry, I've never had any friends at all. Even if she did bust up Garth's marriage. Her assistant is a gay guy.