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I think he has great chemistry with Jen Aniston Ennis thinks he's being clever by pushing Jack around so that they can end up in a spot that's out of sight of his wife Alma Michelle Williams and they lock tongues, arms and legs as if their lives depended on it. Watch the scene again and come back later after you've done your good thing xx Hey Nouskie! He stated the intimate scenes were a lot easier to film than the ones with the sheep, and so much of the flock on screen was animated. This post was designed with the sad and happy in mind at the same time - but it's also to make us celebrate Jake and Heath together.

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Jacks hand on Ennis' face.

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I realise I am now embarrassed I haven't met a fellow Gyllenhaalic yet and at times it can be isolating but thank god for here. He grabs me and he slams me up against the wall and kisses me. I was also shocked cos the way they grow closer as their friendship deepens, I was expecting their first time to have more of a build up and to be more romantic, for want of a better word,so I was shocked at how suddenly it happened,almost out of the blue. Enjoy the videss in it - just keep on rewinding!

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Heath and Jake were a perfect combination - we are so lucky to have that film. D Hey Rubes - being On Topic as Jake is no doubt interested and planning his evening satellite viewing - it's the Top Gear North Pole race the Hamster on a dog sledge against the others in a car - it's very touch and go and a bit chilly. I never saw a movie which had moved me that much before BBM and I'm sure I'll never see anything like this again. The reunion kiss is just such a fire of passion, but it's rough, not everything meets as it should - so I love the nuzzle when Ennis whispers 'Later'. No you won't says new study London Fashion Week: For me, it's all about the films. That's when you've gotta show it.

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