Lesbian and gay spirituality south florida

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Gay male Christians' perceptions of the Christian community in relation to their sexuality. For this reason, spirituality is key to the conceptualisation of religion in the lives of non-heterosexuals. Journal of Pastoral Care. Thirteen participants regularly attended religious services at the time of our interviews, while all attended with some regularity in the past. Seven participants did not specify a denominational affiliation and six had no affiliation. Participants evoked beliefs in God in coping with adverse life experiences; some linked faith to family and sexual responsibilities. It can prevent the personal contentment necessary for a happy life and fulfilling relationships.

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But someone who's bisexual, you don't know.

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Religion and spirituality among bisexual Black men in the USA

But you still feel comfortable and accepted there? Related to the theme of coping with adversity was the notion that God had protected or would protect participants from danger, bodily harm or death. This year-old highlighted the immediate threat to his life if people within his religious community discovered his bisexuality:. Alex, a year-old, unemployed resident of Brooklyn, did not make his sexual orientation known to members of his church. And that's why I say, when I get married and make my kids, you know, it's going to have to be strictly be straight … I'm in a leadership role, and I want to be a positive role model, and I got young people looking up to me … No participants expressed the possibility of being a responsible leader or role model while simultaneously being bisexual.

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Journal of Sex Research. Journal of Counseling and Development. Miami Electronic Music Producers. Despite the general sentiment that their religious communities were not accepting of them, five participants noted that individual members or churches sometimes expressed complete tolerance. African American attitudes toward gay males:

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