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Could someone go through this site [7] and extract newspaper and magazine sources for the art section. And what brought that on was that right before I had to fly to Ohio and see my father because my mother died. This page says Manson died yesterday and it's still up. Views Read Edit View history. But people know that about me.

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Otherwise, well, its technically NPOV but short of that, its just incomplete.

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As a Satanist, I can say with a clear head that Deicide is sure as Hell no pun intended not Satanic, despite what black metal subculture brainwashed youth seem to think. So no more debate percent confirm Marilyn Manson gay. For the record though, he doesn't like to smoke pot and he does like to drink absinthe. Lost Lullabies X I just wanted to change things completely. Also on a television interview on the Howard Stern show he was asked when was the last time he got high to which he replied "just recently, Ketamine". I replaced the old picture Image:

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If this article is on the person and not his band, why is the discography included on this page? Marilyn Manson Ljubljana 9. Manson supports neither of these things. He seems to enjoy the company of women, but who really knows. Esp considering he was acquitted. Personally, I think this Image: Will Sing be the 1 Holiday movie?

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