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Works Cited Jagose, AnnaMarie. After the surgery, Matt discovers that Vanessa was not turned off by his foreskin but is in fact a lesbian and having an affair with a popular cheerleader, Ridley. However, the character is eventually shown to have a vulnerable side beneath his callous exterior. Christian asked Kimber to marry him and their relationship was going wonderfully until Kimber was kidnapped and tortured by The Carver on their wedding day. During a therapy session with Christian and Sean, Matt and Ramona tell them that they will soon be married, and that Matt does not want to see them anymore. Sean tries to tell Julia about Quentin having an affair with a man, but Julia chooses not to listen.

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Season 6.

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As Matt is released in preparation for the execution, he begins to tell Sean and Christian about Clovis's innocence. Kimber tries to return to the porn industry, but is shot down by producer Ram Peters due to her habit. Christian eventually realizes the Sean dreams were the result of his own personal identity crisis, and resolves his problems with Sean.

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Devastated, Matt turns to meth and accidentally blows up the motel he is staying in, inflicting severe burns on his body.

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