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I hope sometimes this year. The first Gay to settle in America was probably the John Gay, born saywho was admitted, before 6May, to membership in the church of Watertown, in Massachusetts Bay Colony, implying that he had been recognized as a freeman of the colony the previous year. However, as a general policy, these slaves were then freed, and paid wages as employees. Rainbow Color Rainbow Color. At another time, when the Indians were reported out, their eldest child, Nancy, recalls her father wordlessly lying down to a sleepless night with all his loaded weapons at hand.

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Gordon Clan

Rabbie Burns, who visited Alexander a few times wrote in his journal "the duke makes me happier than ever great man did — noble, princely, yet mild, condescending and affable, gay and kind — the Duchess charming, witty and sensible — God bless them. An account of this episode by a friend adds that Gay himself transported his load of ginseng from remote SW Virginia to New York City, where he must have personally arranged for the shipping and the necessary letters of credit. He says homosexuality was something families, religious institutions, the medical profession and society at large all chose to ignore. John continued active service in the Rockbridge County militia for over two decades, resigning his commission as Major the second highest rank only inwhen he was 47, perhaps in contemplation of removal from the county. They were very respectable events, usually held in a pub on a Monday or Tuesday night when there was little other business. The most original work in English music during the 18th Century was the famous Beggar's Opera, with a biting libretto by John Gay [], which was a tremendous success at Covent Garden.

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The family memoir bearing on the Old World origins of this family was written by William Bury Kinkead, a grandson of Eleanor Gay Kinkead, and a judge by profession. Wools, polyviscose, cottonetc. It mentioned his brother-in-law, John Gay. His sword is inscribed Andrea de Ferrara, the name of a sword maker from Belluno in Italy, many of whose swords came to Scotland. Several families of GAYs arrived in western Pennsylvania in the s to s amidst the waves of Scotch-Irish displaced from northern Ireland by economic, political, and religious discrimination.

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