Transgender identification survey

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As with all sensitive and confidential data, employers asking about gender identity and sexual orientation should take care to protect how the data are used, stored and reported as well as consider any legal restrictions on data collection and storage here in the United States as well as globally. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. For reporting purposes, employers tend to "over-ask" for demographic data such as age, gender and ethnicity. Changes to records 6. Our meta-regression model, based on 12 surveys covering toexplained Reference group data report spring

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In the end, the best way to allow for self-identification varies by company based on several variables such as:

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Collecting Transgender-Inclusive Gender Data in Workplace and Other Surveys

Accessed February 19, Accessed June 20, Accessed November 7, Advice is available from the Equality and Diversity Unit. In order to track the effectiveness of our recruiting efforts and ensure we consider the needs of all our employees, please consider the following optional question. Please review our privacy policy.

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To assess the effect of including recurring surveys, we reanalyzed the data while including only the latest wave and leaving out the NCHA as a potential outlier. Knowing that large national surveys often have dedicated Web pages that report methods and data e. Also, survey errors with respect to data recording, although they are expected to be small, may have affected our estimate, especially because the base rate of the transgender population is small. It should be noted that this estimate may be more indicative for younger adults and that national surveys in the near future may observe higher numbers of transgender people. As a consequence, meta-analyses that pool data across several years, including our own, will likely underestimate their numbers. Start of main content.

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