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For the non-athletes in my audience there is another way to learn to control the gag reflex. This is a lifesaving reflex because it protects us from literally biting off more than he can swallow. Simply practice holding your breath and swallowing at the same time. Some guys really like this. And who need that?

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Or you could take it out of your mouth and look at it admiringly. You can also practice relaxing and stretching the muscles that regulate swallowing by opening your mouth wide, like in a yawn. You should know that deep throating a pleasure prong is gonna make a lot of saliva. This will give you more control, especially when he starts pelvic thrusting. The object of this tutorial is to help us subdue this lifesaving reflex when needed. If you try to continue without spitting, it will just make your uncomfortable. The pharynx runs another five and half inches or so before the esophagus begins, which continues another eight or nine inches.

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The depth of our mouth — from the lips to the curve in the pharynx just in the back of the throat is three of four to inches. This brings us to the ever-popular sixty-nine position. As he gets closer to shooting, the skin on his scrotum tightens and pulls his balls towards his body to warm them up. And since us humans breathe more often than we swallow, the larynx is always open. When you deep throat his johnson, your uvula and the epiglottis tickle his dickhead. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It suggests to them that they have a really big dick to have wreaked so much havoc.

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