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Kardashian chicks had mucho plastic surgery and are mega bimbos. Carmen moved to Nashville and I never saw him around that church again! He's an entertainer, not a trained opera singer. Carman is not deceived, he's involved. If I am reading her posts correctly, Carman has no need to run from her. In fact, I used to tune into that program just to get a glimpse of them each week as I kinda developed a lil' crush on one or two of them.

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Of course 'Gwen' will be accused of writing all these posts.

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Who's gay in Gospel music?

See, I really enjoy spending time with this incoherent bastard. He pings off the charts. I suppose those who look for a reason for their failure or a rationale for repeated sin in an area would be attracted to this belief. Also, the Witches Invitation song? To the person who said this is a witch-hunt: And that was unite and fight for it.

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Mickey your post definitely qualifies for 'most stupid' on this blog. I mean what I say and am very solid in my exegesis of Scripture. You need to grow up already. Since that time 45 category's of national morality have skyrocketed upward. I don't know who in gospel music is gay. I saw somewhere he is very clean, but I do appreciate what he does.

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