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If I can give a man pleasure from my being Catherine Deneuve, it makes me happy, too. The film has the laudable audacity to show sensuality between a couple whose combined age is almost years old. So I think that for that character, that was what was going on. What are your thoughts about that? I mean some of the taglines that have been attached to the movie have made it absolutely sound cause and effect like that which is unfortunate. Please also be civil in your dialogue. They cut a lot.

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Not just because they all make many millions of dollars, but because even though she does not differ radically from film to film, still the audience always wants more of her.

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Boston French Film Festival has Catherine Deneuve, singing

Can you compare how it was in to do that, and then to play a lesbian in ? I do not like to use the ugly words for homosexuals that are so common in England and America. And anything when they go off track is threatening to a parent. The intelligent ones want to be pretty, the pretty ones want to be talented, the poor want to be rich, the famous want to be anonymous Auteuil nicely balances comedy and drama, and keeps the sentiment at bay in this engaging, old-fashioned epic about love, family, class, and friendship.

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How do you acquire homosexual friends? So I think that for that character, that was what was going on. It is one extreme or the other ; this is not an ordinary life. Because you raise the bar higher each time. So, you know, we only had one impulse, which was to draw with crayons on their faces. We delude ourselves sometimes to make life easier.

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