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Friday, 10 February A strange tale of gay weddings in Renaissance Rome. As we saw earlier there were some taverns where people could meet, but in Renaissance Florence there were also areas where the locals would go to find the company of men — early cruising areas? Oh, the irony! The Medici duly accepted the Compagnacci's requests and it was back to business as usual. Subscribe to blog. Drag cover to reposition. And this was not just common knowledge in Florence itself, but well beyond its walls:

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Drag cover to reposition.

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Eurovision Song Contest. Location Map. Giorgio Petti View author's profile More posts from author. The reasons for this benign acceptance of homosexuality is to be found in the very spirit of the Renaissance, a movement that found in Florence its centre because of the ruling Medici family - especially CosimoPiero I and in particular Lorenzo, known as The Magnificent - all of whom were lovers of the arts, of classical beauty and firm believers in the centrality of the human knowledge.

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Gran Canaria.

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