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If either were becoming a problem, we would just say so. For example, a "gay dating" link would be added to the bottom of the home page where there now are links for black, Hispanic, Jewish, Christian and seniors dating. The free market and individual subscribers will determine the success or failure of these companies well, the free market, and advertisers. Kendall, I believe that eHarmony. Emily — Should heteros be upset at gay sites which, as Mike points out sometimes treat them like a different species? That seems like such a flip argument because its the same one the religious right tries to use to argue against our inclusion in marriage laws. Do I think the latter view is right?

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In fact, Warren doesn't see the onslaught of dating apps as threats to his business.

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This is not our goal. I am no longer a christian, I am now an atheist. Specifically, faith in who and what His Son is, and what He did on the cross ultimate sacrifice.

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There are also lots of dating sites that cater to all sexual orientations.

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