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What Schools Need to Know: The ruling affirms that transgender individuals are protected by federal sex discrimination laws, and that religious belief does not give employers the right to discriminate against them. December 03, Civil Rights. December 01, RFRA. June 14, Weekly Rights Review.

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Thinking of Getting Married in Canada?

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LGBT Rights

This page publication puts a human face on the challenges that many LGBT families experience daily. April 01, Due Process. Inthe Michigan legislature passed, and Gov. March 29, Weekly Rights Review. From couples trying to adopt children and to people on hard times: Adam's Apple in University District. October 19, Due Process.

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Supreme Court, it was consolidated with others to form the Obergefell v. When the case went before the U. Straight from the Heart. With seven days or less remaining in the lame-duck session, members of the Freedom Michigan coalition are calling on House Speaker Jase Bolger to advance Deanna Mabry and Johanna Mabry were in a committed same-sex relationship for 15 years during the time when gay couples were being unconstitutionally denied the

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