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Whatever size the cock-head is, you can always get a guy off by stimulating it. Bill's cock throbbed again as another rush of sperm washed over my hot helmet, and I saw my hood bulging with the liquid. Thick white fluid ran down onto the towel as Fred's clasping fingers pulled my thick hood back behind the flaring ridge of my German helmet. He pressed the buzzing end of a vibrator against the front of Bill's mushroom, making him yelp with the sudden sensation. News in Focus Browse News Releases. Sounding, in this case, is the sexual practice whereby a urethral sound is introduced into the urethra and then gently or not gently pushed inside the male or female's body. The act of docking is when one male stretches the foreskin of his penis over another mans penis.

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I saw my foreskin pulse as Bill's big tip erupted with another heavy gush, adding to my excitement.

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To start the battlethe two men get into "docked" position with the sound in place. Its big blunt nose came back to a thick unflared rim giving it the "mushroom" shape. Jump to: Great drops of semen and pre-come fell onto the towel as he peeled my skin back, and he dipped a finger into it and tasted it with a smile.

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The act of placing the head of ones penis inside the foreskin of another's penis.

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