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But the process of announcing your sexual orientation to the world can still can be a minefield, said Ilan H. Her date with Scott goes swimmingly — despite a hilariously bad attempt to seduce him this is what happens when you take love advice from Jessa:. As a society we tend to assume that all kids are straight, but that is just not true. I know how you feel. She and her best friend have their whole gay lives planned out.

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Let's keep talking about all of your feelings.

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The two also cluelessly swap boy advice, with Hannah saying she likes "light criminal activity" in a man. Newsletter Sign Up Continue reading the main story Please verify you're not a robot by clicking the box. His reaction: He has been caught kissing boys in his after school program we have established is not okay to kiss boys OR girls besides mommy and daddy, for germ and personal space issues.

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Talking to other gay people, too, can help put the coming out age in perspective for you.

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