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I'm always proud of the fact that I was born on the same day as Guy I Guy was the first full fledged pinup boy but the concept probably started with George O'Brien. Inhe fed Confidential information on the criminal past of Rory Calhoun, his own client, and Tab Hunter, whom Willson had never forgiven for firing him and signing on with his archrival, agent Dick Clayton. This is one of the best photos of Guy: Guy reading the latest issue of the Mattachine Review It would be interesting to see how he aged.

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The blurb on the book begins:.

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George Clooney's character in that goes on and on about the multitudes of women he's slept with. Thanks for the information. Who tells the story of Guy and Rory in the back of a Jaguar and in what context is it related? I had no idea all these young men had to pay so dearly for success. While going through pictures of Guy online I always assumed these two pictures were the same, but the black and white one was just cropped. I Guy was the first full fledged pinup boy but the concept probably started with George O'Brien. Maybe they were just friends.

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He invited Santiago and I to come for lunch one day. But such a rotten actor. If Guy was someone who was extremely cautious about hooking up with men and he was away from home, then it's entirely feasible even for today, let alone 60 years ago. If I am to believe some of these postings, he was a great guy and somewhat selfless! This must have been some time after Octoberwhen Walter Winchell reported that she was about to get engaged to Tom Drake. Guy Madison was one of his closest friends. But it was Steve McQueen who was more relaxed in his masculinity, although he was a major homophobe.

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