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He's in a strange city with a strange man's cock in his hand. Their room was a complete mess. I had to look the other way to keep from staring at him. It's very clear that the man's putting his finger into the kid's ass!! Soon the skyscrapers appear and the bus parks at the terminal in the heart of downtown.

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It was 15 minutes before the campus library closed and Brad needed to get a few books for research.

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Ormand, disgust on his face. You just spilled your drink on me! He ground his ass into the carpet loving the feeling. After he was settled Bobby began to concentrate on the movie for the first time. He watched my reaction as he stroked his erection. He was a good six inches shorter than me but he always excelled in every thing he did.

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He looked at me and he laughed and said, "You know there's one thing you can do for me" as he looked down at his hardening cock. I never used to think of myself as the kind of person who would spy on his neighbors. As the bus nears Chicago Bobby is gets even more excited. It's too short a trip to fly and Mom needs the car for work so he is taking the bus. It's something between a sigh and a moan.

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