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One bill he co-authored with outgoing gay state Senator Ricardo Lara D-Bell Gardenswho will be sworn in as the state's insurance commissioner Monday afternoon, would do the rare feat of providing rights now only available to same-sex couples to more heterosexual couples. Working once again with lesbian Assemblywoman Susan Eggman D-StocktonWiener plans to reintroduce their legislation allowing San Francisco to pilot a safe injection site where intravenous drug users would be able to inject drugs under medical supervision and be connected to services to wean them off their addictions. The bill also restricted the amount of time juveniles can be on the registry to five or 10 years. Based on the task force's recommendations, Scott authored legislation to ban discrimination against LGBT people in long-term care facilities in San Francisco and provide specific guidance on how to avoid discrimination, such as requiring that seniors be addressed using the pronoun of their choice, providing medically appropriate healthcare, and prohibiting room reassignments based on homophobia and transphobia. Wiener sponsored two bills to expand solar and renewable energy use in California. This requirement is based on illegal activity. Another of Wiener's policy focuses has been increasing government spending on parks, including supporting the expansion of park patrol in budget negotiations.

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Scott Wiener

InWiener sponsored controversial legislation banning nudity at un-permitted events, which was eventually passed by the Board. San FranciscoCaliforniaU. He told them he was on the drug too. Retrieved September 13, Make no mistake, we face very real challenges ahead, but we are resilient and we get stronger with every setback. The bill allows those on the registry who were targeted and arrested by police under former statutes that criminalized homosexual sex between adults, such as stings using undercover cops in public parks or at highway rest areas, to petition to be removed from it as of January 1, Based on those recommendations, I worked with the community and authored legislation creating a bill of rights for LGBT seniors in long-term care facilities and legislation requiring data collection around LGBT people in city-funded programs, as well as obtaining funding to address dementia and isolation among LGBT seniors.

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Wiener joined Assembly member Todd Gloria to author SBwhich aims to change the laws that make it a felony to expose someone to HIV without their knowledge and consent. The legislation ensures that these facilities are sensitive to the needs of LGBT seniors and that they meet the needs of this growing population. And what better person to combat that idea than one whose idea of reckless is to order whole-fat milk in his half-caff latte. Retrieved September 13, Scott played a key role expanding universal healthcare access to transgender people under San Francisco's healthcare program.

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