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To conflate sexual abuse with the gay priesthood, as many now reflexively do, is a grotesque libel on the vast majority who have never contemplated such crimes and are indeed appalled by them. A second option would be a fudge, a rerun ofwhen the church said all gay priests should be fired and no gay men be admitted to the seminary … and then did nothing much about it. He reiterated the distinction between sins and crimes and, while denouncing abuse, did not insist on sexual perfection in the priesthood, as long as failures were confessed, sins absolved, and the priest was committed to a future of celibacy. The gods first listen to Set's claim of dominance over Horus, and call his semen forth, but it answers from the river, invalidating his claim. Ikapati and Mapulon's relationship later bore Ikapati her only child, Anagolay, goddess of lost things. Neither has the church. Even Saint Augustine had one particularly intense love affair with another young man.

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In combined form, they presented as intersex or transgender with changing gender.

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But they knew, too, that the system now being dismantled had concealed not only the crimes and abuses of bad priests but also the sins and consensual adult sex of good ones. And evidently I became a better listener and more caring. Sidapa took the boy moon to be his child bride and, as legends say and most natives still believe, they reside together sleeping in each other's arms in Mt. Vice President, it has moved me closer to God.

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For example, Paul was frequently arrested, beaten with rods and whipped, countless times.

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