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In Tosh's defense, he has his reasons. The show's core premise has been initially compared to that of the perceived competition of E! In addition to Tosh. Cultural Divide". For example, he displayed a video of a man attempting to climb a precariously homemade staircase of milk crates to reach a flagpole, resulting in a great fall with visibly broken bones. Tosh talks back".

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In between his big break and eventual swell of TV specials and stand-up tour dates, Tosh starred in a series of commercials shilling for the fast food chain responsible for introducing the world to the fourth meal.

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Anyone who thinks he legitimately thinks the things he says is an absolute idiot. It is not ok to insult transgendered people. It seems to me that instead of worrying about a comedy central Internet clip show is saying, maybe GLADD should doing something more constructive. But if you think that's all there is to the deliberately offensive stand-up comedian, then you're best served forging ahead, and finding out what's responsible for truly making Tosh tick.

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Obviously No.

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