Pros and cons of legalizing gay marriage

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In Julythe United Church of Christ General Synod favored "equal marriage rights for couples regardless of gender. You may want to check out these articles. Pro When gay couples have a baby, whether it is through adoption or insemination, that child is wanted beyond belief. Ethical Issues in Education. It allows same sex couples to adopt children. A Historical Introduction to Same Sex Marriage Ultimately, whether an argument of religion, values, politics, or general beliefs, the result in clarified that same-sex couples were afforded the same rights to marriage as heterosexual couples.

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The philosophical and practical arguments of same-sex marriage are seen as largely distinct from those of marriage equality.

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9 Advantages and Disadvantages of Gay Marriage

Particularly given that such a concession comes at no cost to themselves. Same-sex couples are better parents According to a study done by the University of Melbournechildren raised by same-sex parents tend to score better than children having both mother and father, in terms of their overall health and family cohesion. Should Same-Sex Marriages be Legalized? These kids need both a father and a mother image to have a balance and normal childhood. If a boy grows up with two women, with the other one playing the role of the father or both plays the role of mothers, father image will be lacking and the couple cannot answer questions typically asked by boys to fathers, say, the physical changes in the body. Toward the bottom, one of my long-time sparring partners on the blog said he was hurt and angry by how warmly I'd objected to his views I called them churlish and tedious. Gay marriage is a union or marriage between two people of the same sex through a civil ceremony or in church.

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First, no, when it comes to denying a basic right to a class of people, the burden of proof falls on those who rely on intuition and common sense — which, I'm just sayin', happen to be the support pillars of all forms of bigotry — rather than evidence. And if anything, encouraging same-sex couples to commit to one another for life will decrease promiscuous behavior among gay people, should that be of particular concern. If marriage is only for procreation, heterosexual couples unable or unwilling to have children should also be prevented from marrying. To me, immoral conduct is that which harms others, period. Differences Between Marriages and Civil Unions. With the legalization of same-sex marriage, gay couples will be able to enjoy the same option. Popular French Last Names.

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