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How did I get into this predicament? Because this is another coming out. I would rather be upfront about it, and take the hit, the disappointment and even the anger rather than be talked about behind my back, lose the management of the information and look like a fool. A jolly old man with reindeer arrives mysteriously to our house late Christmas Eve and leaves wonderful gifts for them under our tree. Social Justice. He lived in Turkey. Do I bring it up first?

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The husbands already feel like dads and although they are going to celebrate this Father's Day, they can't wait to recognize their first official Father's Day as a family of three next year.

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Love and Pain I find ways to let my children know that they're wanted and loved every day, while also acknowledging the trauma of the separation from their birth families. Cornelius is what we would now call a bear, an older, hirsute gay man who embraces an over-the-top masculinity, despite being gay. Of all of us in our family, he looks most like Jason.

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I have found myself failing as a father, yet I have never given up completely.

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