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May possibly change gender under the National Identity Cards Act 9 of []. In addition it was not permitted to formally register these same-sex relationships, nor to claim additional rights in terms of tax, joint property, health insurance, pensions etc. A group of lawmakers is lobbying the Justice Ministry to consider a special visa for them. Continual polling by Gallup over the course of more than two decades has shown that support for same-sex marriage has grown rapidly, while opposition has simultaneously collapsed. LGBT people are banned from serving. Retrieved 11 May Transgender persons can change their legal gender and name without undergoing surgery since

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Sincetransgender persons can change their legal gender and name manifesting their solemn will before a notar, no surgeries or judicial order required [].

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Kalogridis was featured in an " It Gets Better " video inwhere he encouraged anyone who has ever been bullied for being gay that it does get better. Archived from the original on 2 April This page was last edited on 8 Februaryat Bans all anti-gay discrimination [54]. Same-sex relationships have legally been recognized sincewhen the Same-sex community law was passed.

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All states are obliged to honour same-sex marriages performed in states where it is legal. Mayotte Overseas region of France. Bans all anti-gay discrimination []. He later revealed that he had been asked on several occasions by the League of Communists of Croatia to form a LGBT faction of the party. Legal since [83] [84]. Male illegal since the s Female always legal [48] [49]. Switzerland should pave the way to allow same-sex couples to get married and adopt children, a parliamentary committee has said.

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