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I was looking at her twitter and it appears the female friend showed up to support K's husband's music project or whatnot, and I thought he was the husband of K's friend. Her Twitter name is her real name. Anyway, as a side note, I found a way to watch Strange Empire online. He got upset. Carell, an electrical engineer.

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People didn't really discover it until it was gone, but when they did, the response from fans was so massive and so organized that Whedon was allowed to make a movie, Serenity, to kind of tie up loose ends and it's one of the best SF films in recent decades.

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He has We don't have skype on the astral plane. What does that have to with anything? Apparently the Supernatural fans have fallen in love with him after he appeared in six episodes haven't seen thembut he's not scheduled for more.

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Hey r30, how about starting a new thread.

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